Thursday, 28 August 2008

Why Thai girls are the spiciest of the lot?

The dear Thai woman though constantly and consciously loses the plot, changes the subjects and confronts you with charges you considered buried generations ago.

theres no point in arguing simply because there is no arguing with a Thai woman.

According to the classic school of Western thought, your arguing requires a certain way of thought, wher as a Thai woman’s mind only obeys her own instincts and preferences. Jumping from here to there and spinning in dizzying circles- which is something refreshing from the norm of the western world!

In the Western world, all you and your partner do is argue. but this is not the story in Thailand.
Theres no point in arguing with a thai woman, you won't win, and if you start to win, well then she doesn't like that.

You can beat a Thai woman’s mind with her own weapons though and train her to believe that your thinking is her thinking. Simply play along her line of incoherent arguments and accusations out of the blue. If done well, she will soon smile at you and be proud of you, as it never occured to her that a western man can conquer the female Thai mind.

Congratulations....You just earned the respect and trust of a fierce yet loyal woman defending you.

After all, What would the country be without its vixen like women? this highly productive, intelligent and blatantly less lazy better half (and better looking) of Thai society!

You don’t have to always give in and let her win to be able to live alongside a Thai woman. It goes without saying though that letting her be right even when she is clearly wrong would solve most potential problems, as most problems would never occur by you saying “yes” to all her wants and demands.

If its a nice, easy relationship you want where the woman obeys you, then stick to the western girls, if however you like a bit of fire and spice in your relationship, then Thai girls are just the right ones for you.

Asian sexy superstars- love them

Looks - I find Asian women very attractive. The Asian features, black hair, slender builds, golden skin, and Asian eyes are extremely appealing to me. I don't know why I have always liked the way Asian women look. Does any man know why he finds certain looks attractive? Why is the saying "gentleman prefer blondes" not held up to the same scrutiny as a White man who prefers Asian looks.

I think physical attraction is what separates the romantic relationship between a man and a woman from deep friendship so naturally in my love life I seek out women I am physically attracted to. However, physical attraction alone is not the end all, be all of a relationship. There are a host of other reasons why I like Asian women.

Culture - I have found that people are very skeptical of my love for the Asian people and the culture they have created. Because I date Asians they assume that any attempt to understand or appreciate Asian culture is strictly an attempt to impress Asian women. I have always admired the art, philosophy, and traditions of Asia. China and Japan have always held a certain appeal for me. Being a movie buff, I regularly watch movies made in Asia or movies about Asians. The politics of the region fascinate me; I have spent countless hours discussing the Chinese freedom movement with friends.

In my relationships with Asian women I find our cultural differences make a unique bond. In my relationships with Asian women I have found a symbiotic balance between harmony and individuality that I don't find in other relationships. I believe that Americans and Asians have much to teach each other.